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Del 6 al 9 de Julio de 2016
Barcelona (España)
Genomatica To Scale Bio-Nylon 50-Fold With Aquafil To Meet Ref A: 013DBCB450234528ACBE9867DBEBDEB8 Ref B: DUS30EDGE0421 Ref C: 2021-01-12T21:54:56Z
Visit to Aquafils Regeneration Plant, Slovenia - YouTube aquafil slovenija Aquafil is a world leading player in the production of nylon filaments for textile floorings and of synthetic fibres for the apparel and sports industries. The company has a presence in seven countries on three continents with 16 plants employing more than 2,900 people in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand and China. The company has an excellent financial
Giulio Bonazzi, Aquafil: Product of the Future The company, owned by Italian synthetic fibres manufacturer Aquafil, has invested some EUR 17m into Econyl, a unique project which involves recycling of waste into the base material for the manufacture of fibres, foils and raw materials. According to president and chief executive Dr Giulio Bonazzi, it is work which means Slovenia is producing the product of the future. Dr Giulio Bonazzi
Genomatica announce plans with Aquafil to scale its aquafil slovenija Aquafilslo D.O.O. at 1000 LJUBLJANA, LETALISKA CESTA 15, SLOVENIJA. P.P. 4032. Find their customers, contact information, and details on 12 shipments.
Aquafil : Moveco is travelling across Slovenia Aquafil SpA is an Italy-based textile company specialized in the production and distribution of fibers and polymers, particularly of Polyamide 6. It operates through three product areas: Yarn for Carpets, Yarn for Garments and Engineering. Yarn for Carpets produces filaments for textile floorings suppling carpet manufacturers operating in different markets, such as automotive (car mats and
Aquafilslo D.O.O., 1000 LJUBLJANA, LETALISKA CESTA 15 A mobile exhibition on The circular economy in the Danube region is travelling across various countries: - from August to September 2018, it was in Augsburg - in | December 29, 2020
Aquafil - Three Hills Capital Partners Aquafil will build and operate the downstream operations of this large-scale demonstration plant at its facility in Slovenia, where it will convert Genomatica’s bio-based precursor to commercial-quality bio-nylon-6 yarns, films and engineered plastics. The produced material will be used to develop renewably-sourced products, replacing traditional nylon that generates upwards of 60 million
Aquafil - News 2011 - First Econyl plant opened in Slovenia The system enables the company to take waste – either post-industrial, created in the chemical production of nylon 6, or post-consumption, products owned by the client or user at the end of life – and manufacture new nylon 6 with no loss of quality. Aquafil’s main priority in developing a more circular business model has been cost. Mr
Aquafil SpA, ECNL:MIL profile - FT.com aquafil slovenija The Aquafil Group is one of the main sponsor of the Rock Master Festival, one of the most important event in world of sport climbing. This event will be held in the great natural theater of the Alto Garda (the North side of the Garda Lake), in the city of Arco, where the Headquarter of […] READ MORE. 25 Jul 2012. Confindustria awards Aquafil. The Aquafil Group has received today by

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